Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I know my title does not make any sense for now, but that pretty much sums up what I am currently busy with. Yeah but no excuse to not continuing my post. My next beauty post will still take awhile. sigh. There's just so many things happening right now. Let me fill you guys in.

B - Bailamos
Yes, I am performing for Bailamos this year again as a J5! How old mature! This only takes up half my Saturday so it is still manageable. Performance date: 6th and 7th June.

I - Internship
This takes up 5 days of my week. But! im not complaining about it because i love my internship:) Okay, i don love what im selling per say, which is Tobacco, but i do like the company and my colleagues and my job scope, which is just finance stuff.

T - Tuition
Took it up just a week before my finals. YOLO. hahaha. Every friday night and sunday morning. should have gotten one much earlier sigh. Great way to earn some cash. Plus, im blessed with a tutee that stays just a 10min walk away from my place! Zero cost, just profit hahahah.

S - S24
S24 is a local dance competition, where each dance team can only consists of 24 people. we are required to dance in a 8mx8m area and anyone who steps on the line, that would result in a penalty to the team. So it is pretty intense. hahaha. Trainings are every Mon, Tues and Thurs. the competition date is 8th June.

So if you have been reading and doing a mental tabulation, my only free time in a week for now is wednesday night, saturday evening and sunday afternoon onwards. Oh but I am also currently studying for a few exams that falls on wednesday, so there goes my weekdays haha. Theatre week for Bailamos happens to fall in the same week before the competition where there will be more practices, so in times like this, i wished i had a clone.

Anyhow, I am still grateful for all the opportunities given to me and I am happy with my B.I.T.S. Times like these improve me as a person, both physically and mentally.
Alright! This is just a post to explain for not being able to churn out my reviews. totally broke my once every 2 weeks rule hahaha. so sorry bout that, i will work on it soon.


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