Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Skin Routine

Hey! The past 2 weeks have been just me meeting deadlines and getting ready for presentations.
Have finally reached a brief plateau of time for me do another post!

So today I will be sharing about my beauty routine, or you can also call it my skin routine for morning/night. I will only be introducing 2 new products(and review them) that I use, the rest are what I introduced in the previous post (the clinique range). So without further blabbering, I shall get down to it!

First: Wash my face with Clinique's gentle facial soap
Second: Using a cotton pad, I wipe my impurities away with Clinique's exfoliating lotion in one direction.
Third: Apply Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturising gel
Fourth: Lip balm (I have a lot of them so i just apply whichever i can find and pick up)

Basically the first four steps are what i do for both my day and night time routine. It ends here for the night time routine, there are two more steps i do for my daytime routine.

Fifth: Apply Neutrogena's dry-touch SunBlock. (MOST IMPORTANT STEP FOR DAYTIME ROUTINE)
I avoid applying it on my nose and chin because those are my oilier zones and i didnt want that much products on these areas. When I first tried the sample of this sun screen, i really loved it because it really is dry to touch and makes my skin feel protected. But after i purchased the larger tube and used it for awhile, I feel like it doesnt absorb as fast as i want it to and it makes me feel like there is a lot of products on my skin which i dislike. Hence from applying on my entire face at the start, I cut down and applied it only on my cheek and forehead. However, I do spam it all over my face when i know i have to be under the hot sun for a long time.
I'm currently looking for new sunscreen to try out haha. So if you have any to recommend, pls do!
and yes! this is the most important step ever for your daytime routine. I know many of you hate the eeky and sticky feeling of sunscreen on the face, hence many companies have been coming up with new sunscreens that is light and gets absorb rapidly. I heard the Kose one is quite good but haven got the chance to try that out yet, plus shishedo's one as well! So you guys can look at these sunscreens for a start! I didnt heed this advice in the past and i have freckles on both my cheeks now. It darkens your acne scars too if you do not apply sunblock to protect your skin!! Pls do not ignore this advice even if you're 12. My freckles started forming at a very young age. Its not make-up, it's a beauty protection for your skin. If your friends at that age thinks you're vain for doing this, IGNORE THEM. you're doing yourself a big favour for starting young:)

Sixth: Etude house's BB cream cotton

this has SPF 30 in it, hence i use it to cover my nose area and chin area that weren't protected from my Neutrogena sunscreen. There are 2 different shades too so you can choose the one that matches closest to your skin colour! I also purchased this after trying out its sample. I really like the coverage it gives! I was pleasantly surprised that it could give such great coverage. If my L'oreal concealor coverage power is a 9/10, this is a good 8/10. I have stopped using concealor for a long-time because this BB cream is enough! However, the staying power isn't as good. After half a day, some of the product would have melted away and I would my powder foundation to cover up again. But I still use this every morning because having clear skin is a step to boosting my own confidence haha.
I also really like this because it doesn't leave my skin looking shiny, hence doesn't look oily. Im not into the dewy skin look, i prefer my skin looking clean and matte. This BB cream gives me just that. It doesn't feel sticky after i apply it which is a big plus point!:)

Okay! So that's the "few" products i apply on my face every day for now. After I am bored of one or feel that it is not doing anything better for my skin, I will switch it haha. Just like my Lancome products. Maybe i will review it for the next post! Either that or my daily make up routine.

Alright! have a great day, week and month ahead people!


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