Wednesday, March 12, 2014

week 8, mid week

The end of all the crazy dance practices have left me feeling empty, and lonely.
I guess recess week was a good break, but when school started this week, i was defeated and felt extremely lousy about myself. i couldn't catch up and i felt like i could not absorb whatever was taught in class. no idea what I'm learning. 
It didn't get any better when i got back a graded assignment with a really low grade and i didnt get the internship at Creme Simon. Praying hard that the only other company that interviewed me is going to give me a chance!

I feel like school is really getting to me and it's sucking my soul away. Am i the only one? i feel like everyone around is doing something amazing in their life and I'm struggling to figure out what i wanna do and I'm studying for the sake of studying. One lost soul.

but maybe its just this week or the past few days. things will get better, i believe in that. 
i set out a few resolutions this year, some i have already stopped trying to do, but i wanna add more to the list.

things i want to improve on:

1) be less lazy. in terms of my life and my friends. i have very few close friends, most overseas now. I'm the kind of person that waits for them to contact me, because that makes me feel thought of and important. but no, I'm gonna try and be that friend that makes them feel missed and appreciated. 
2) decide on what I'm gonna do in the future. okay this isn't exactly what i can improve on. yes I'm getting there but the future is still kinda hazy (caused by the recent haze) haha. 

so i shall start on these first, before i move on to the others.

okay! some photos to wrap up the past few months!

we clinched 4th place for this year's HOCC, it was an honour to lead this team. this award truly belongs to each and everyone of them, for their hardwork and heartwork. thank you E14ctrified:) 
these are the girls that did the street jazz part with me

 and met up with these 3 old friends for a chat and movie:)
 okay that is all for today!
time to study for a quiz tmr which i have only started studying for yesterday because i had a midterm on tuesday and the paper was super bad. sigh

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