Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clinique skincare range for combination oily skin

Really excited to talk about my skincare products because it has really help improve my skin so much! I used Lancome last year but I couldn't feel or see visible changes to my skin, but using clique has made me love my skin and i even bought a set for my friend's 21st because i had to share how great this is. However, I cannot vouch that it would work equally for everybody's skin because it depends on the weather as well, but for my skin type, it has been a such a pamper.

So my mum bought the whole set for me, the facial soap, toner and moisturiser. (plus a few samples haha)

i shall start off with the facial soap first! 

1) Liquid Facial Soap, oily skin formula ($35)

So this was an underdog. At the beginning, I couldn't feel much of a difference from this facial soap because it was so mild. It doesn't foam up, hence I felt like I wasn't really washing my face at all. I guess it was really all up to personal preference and about me getting use to it. 

However, after these couple of months, I would say this facial soap is amazing. after each wash, it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and yet it doesn't make your skin feel tight at all! It preserves the natural oils on your skin and its just amazingggg. 

2) Clarifying Lotion, twice a day exfoliator (no. 3) ($39)

This complements the moisturiser so well. I really like how they called it a clarifying toner and exfoliator because it really does what it says. At first I had my reserves about it because it had such a strong alcoholic smell to it and it leaves your skin with a tingling sensation. (According to Clinique, it is supposed to tingle to tell you its working) After the first few weeks, I was sold. It really cleanses off impurities that was difficult to remove from the facial soap and leaves your skin feeling renewed and refresh. It was equivalent to exfoliating your skin with a exfoliator, however a gentler alternative. If you are thinking of getting a Clinique moisturiser, it's a must to get this clarifying lotion as well:)

3) Dramatically Different moisturising gel ($65, if i didnt remember wrongly. Im gonna buy so many of this when Im in the states because it's so much cheaper over there)

This was the reason i wanted to try Clinique. i watched a few you tubers raved about how amazing clinique is and i needed a new moisturiser as well, so i thought why not give Clinique a go! This really takes the cake for my skin type. Because of its gel formula, it gets absorbed quickly and leaves your skin feeling as smooth as silk. You would not get a sticky or wet feeling from applying this moisturiser. It's so goodddd. those that question whether it works, yes it works! it keeps your skin feeling hydrated and prevents it from looking dull. Plus, just one pump is enough to cover my whole face, so you can use this for about 6 months.

The only thing is that, once you wash your face with water, i feel that the product gets washed off as well. I can't be sure if it is acting as a humectant (where the product stays on the upper layers of your skin because the product particles are too huge to enter the skin, once you wash it, it'll be gone). Im getting that because when i splash my face with water, i can feel a layer of product, as if it wasn't absorb into my skin. Hence, I cannot be entirely sure if the moisturiser gets absorbed into the deeper layers of our skin. 

this was a sample product called the Turnaround Concentrate Extra (radiance renewer). it tells me to apply it before the moisturiser. this also leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and soft, but I'm not too sure about the benefits it brings to my skin. i use it if I'm feeling happy that day and feel like adding an extra step into my beauty routine haha.

 the sequence of my range.

All in all, this series has treated my skin really well the past few months because my skin is now more hydrated, i get less pimples because my skin wouldn't have to produce more sebum to balance the hydration level of my skin. My forehead is clear and my chin pimples have reduced. I only get occasion breakouts from hormonal acnes and from not drinking enough water as well as sleeping late. Clinique has really saved my skin in so many ways.

the moisturizer works better with the clarifying lotion, so I have to reemphasise this, if you are thinking of purchasing the moisturiser, its a good investment to get the clarifying lotion as well! 

I hope this review has been a tad helpful to anyone who is thinking of a new skincare range to try out or who just want to know more about the various beauty products around! to reiterate, every skin type is different and not everyone will receive the same amount of benefits from the same products. maybe your skin might be able to absorb the moisturiser even better or it may not, so its not definite. Alright!  that is all i have to share:)


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