Saturday, October 19, 2013

hell weeks

so the past 3 to 4 weeks have been exactly what i meant by hell weeks.
i wasnt expecting the worst but it kinda did happen to me.
project group mates not doing anything and not contributing, killer mid-terms paper, presentations.
life of a uni student.
so anws, about my project group mates. i think i knew from the start it will turn out like this in the end.
from them not doing their tutorials, not listening in class and many more signs.
i knew they couldnt care less about the 20% group report that i ended up doing 70% of it.
the week before submission, i asked for everyone to vet the report and make sure it flows well, i guess only one other girl bother to do it. the rest just said "they will check when they get home at 12". but i knew those were false promises. nth was commented or corrected on. PMO (piss me off, learnt this from ivan haha)
the day before the submission was the worst, i felt like i was talking to myself and the rest just died in the chat. they don bother replying and went to "sleep". UGH.
and one of them only bother replying in the chat after we submitted it. wow
worse group mates ever. how can they have the cheek to still smile at me. i try to be nice to them but its just so difficult. need to maintain my emotions.

so yes, just a random rant.
on a happier note, i finally bought a pair of heels that ive been wanting to get for months!
it isnt as nice as it looks like online and it makes me walk funny but its still chip hahaha.
and i also just got a new dance shoe, SUPERGA! always was against getting an expensive shoe to dance because i'll be heartbroken if it spoils or gets dirty. but now, im convinced its so much more worth it to get an expensive but also a much more durable shoe. and i think i would like the dirty and seasoned look of it too.
so yes, shoes make a girl happy, or rather, shopping hahah.

okay, back to studying for another mid terms.
cant wait for the hols:) many trips planned this hols.

the people who keeps me happy and sane:)

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