Thursday, September 5, 2013

week 4

hey guys
so its week 4 into school and it feels like week 9 already.
i feel less enthusiastic about school. Not sure if it because of the workload or because i know i have just 2 more years and i have to head out and work my ass off in the "real world".
yes i may have some inclination of what the "real world" is like by listening to stories from teachers, parents, relatives, but in all honesty, you can never be really prepared for what is to come.
attending all the recruitment talks these few weeks has been pretty insightful but it really does wake you up and remind you that you need to start thinking about what you want.
that is a qn that has been bugging me since... forever. and im sure it is for many others as well.
honestly, i really don know what i want exactly. which is one of the main things that is stressing me out quite a bit. but hopefully after all the recruitment talks are over, i would have a better idea...

dancetitude has ended. the long journey that i dreaded, is finally over. and i somehow missed those times. and wished i could go back and spend my time more wisely, making stronger friendships.
but a new year begins, and more and more activities are lining up my list.

blessed to have my pillar of support alongside this long journey.
thanks for not giving up on us everytime.
i need to learn how to be generous like you.

this was just a random post cuz i was doing my essay half way and i got bored.
all the damn deadlines. ughhh

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