Saturday, August 3, 2013

Year 2

time has really passed so extremely quickly.
i'm gonna be 20 this year, wow. and im gonna be a year 2 student in NTU now.
sometimes i don even think i've matured as fast as time has passed.
im still a pretty dependent person and seldom make decisions on my own.
am i ready for what the future brings? hmmm
i hope so.
i've changed since a year ago.
how should i say this, more toned down? or rather, more introverted or maybe more sensible haha.
i realize i keep more of my feelings and thoughts to myself.
no longer as crazy as i was back in JC
sometimes i wished i kept more of the outgoing self.
but maybe cuz Uni is really different from JC. the people you meet there, the things we learn, the friendship made. honestly... even after being there for a year, there's this lack of belonging. i don feel like i belong particularly to anywhere. there are connections here and there but everything feels quite surface-ish. idk, it's a problem i face in uni now. oh wells.
still thankful for my roomie who had been with me the past year and had been such a wonderful person to live with and spend my year with:) to another great year!

and thank god for sending me an angel that i took so long to realise what a gift he was.
praying for yet another great year ahead and for things to be as smooth sailing as it can get from now on after going through that painful period for both of us.

i love you:)

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