Sunday, April 14, 2013


i really cant wait for this week to be over
no more need to have group meetings. especially for biz ops.
stats case study 2 is slightly more fun so im excited for that.
actually, it really depends on who is in your group.
i always feel like im the bitch in the group for some reason.

my drive for studying for finals, which is a COUPLE of weeks time, is lowwwww. holy.
last week was pretty high cuz there were three tests last week and it forced me to study.
or maybe it's just the school environment, makes you wanna study cuz everyone else is studying as well. hopefully! shall take this weekend as a well-deserved rest. at least i finished my marketing reflection paper:)

i shall go pack my bag for the week now and read a littttttllllleeee bit more of marketing before i call it a night. bye!

bailamos 2010. i miss these times. this was the first dance i chore-ed for bailamos. should i choreo again this year... sigh. but there's so little time to get a group tgt to dance.

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