Friday, December 7, 2012


birthday post!

my birthday was abt a month ago but was way too busy studying to record such an amazing day down. 
couldnt have had a better one:)
oh but on the side note, the day before my birthday, i went to cut my long-and-waste-shampoo hair off. finallyyyy... hahaa
at that night, my family celebrated my birthday for me:)
had some nice dinner with awesome swordfish sashimi. 
and dessert at bazkerzin!

love their molten choco cake!!
 and we ordered choco souffle as well!:)
 and an irish cream souffle! yums:))) look at the rise! awesome. this was made better than the choco one  but i still prefer the taste of the choco souffle hahah
so after an extremely heavy meal, we went back home.
and i was just using my com and watching tv
at about 11 plus, my bf called me while on his way back home from meeting his friends
i kinda wanted to meet him that day, and wanted him to come down to my place hahaha.
so we were talking a bit and i thought he was walking home
he teased me a bit and i faked angry, so he told me to calm down. (or that's what i thought)
so i pretended that i heard "come down" instead cuz i really wished he was here. hahha
then he said "yes, come down, come down, im downstairs".
i was sooooo happy. my heart melted
he was there with a cake and gifts and most importantly, a birthday card. hahaha. i love letters and card. his card gave me a toothache cuz it was sooo sweet :')))

so that's me and the cake he bought from chocz. but after all that dessert from bakerzin earlier, i couldnt really digest this anymore. so i blew the candle and cut the cake for him instead hahaha.

bringing the cake back home to keep!

so he stayed with me till bout 1am before cabbing back cuz my brother wanted me back home hahaha.
he took leave from army the next day to spent the day with me after my class ended

so after my 3 hours long, last FM seminar, he came all the way down to NTU to meet me:)
we ate at the canteen and we went back to my hall to put down some load from my bag.
my roomie was in the room too. we enjoyed a bit of aircon for awhile before heading out to town:))

bought some starbucks treat and brought it to the cinema

bought a huge box of popcorn to watch SKYFALL, that he spilled hahaha. 
 after the action-packed movie at imax, we walked down to orchard central to have dinner at some korean place.

 he likes this best. haha
 thanks for the awesome day!

 we ordered some watermelon mix with korean alcohol i think. not too sure. tasted fine:)
 and our food was greeeaatttttttt
 this plate of chicken was smashing! smelled and tasted super good

 after a great and full meal:)

my stomach was pretty much filled to the brim after dinner alr
so he suggested going to the esplanade to walk
omg that's like my dream when i was young! hahaha. to walk there with my bf
he made it come true:)
but he was acting all weird when we were there. hahaha.
it just rained and the seats along the river were wet, so i suggested going to the sheltered area to sit down instead.
okay what he said next shall be between us
but he ended up surprising me with his "magic" ahahaha.
i was so touched by all his efforts spent in planning my birthday.
and i thought the gifts he gave me the night before were my presents but no! he bought me a really elegant and sophisticated watch. which is on my hand in the picture. hahaa.
feeling and looking bit shag after a long day. he sent me all the way back to my hall. :)
my heart really melted so much that day:)

hahaha. he did, he treated me like a princess
 beautiful flowerssss! they lasted for almost a week! really really amazing:) usually my flowers wither after 1 or 2 days
 and the super pretty watch:)
 but that's not all!
after i got back to my hall, my roomie and dance friend surprised me! hahaha
they got me a lemon tart from bakerzin hahaha.
and they decorated my wall with super colourful photo frames of me and my friends and with the fairy lights too!
omg, love them so much!
 and 10min after, my neighbours from a level below came up and serenaded a birthday song for me! it was one of the guy's birthday too actually. they bought moscato for us and it was soooo good. really appreciated it!! thanks so much!
 my beautiful friends:))) andrea and xiuuuu
they even had one of me and my bf! hahaha. but she was upset it turned out so dark. i asked how she knew i was coming back alr and she said my bf informed her. hahaha. it was really hard for him to contact so many ppl to make my day so awesome. i really cant thank him enough for such a wonderful day.
and after another 10min or so, my OG surprised me at my room. hahaha
they forced me to stuff a cupcake into my mouth and say some stuff related to our og. hahaha
really appreciate their efforts for coming down to my hall and surprising me
such a blessed girl.

special thanks to my boyfriend!:)

and anws! im gonna go back to ewf to work during this one month hols again.
need to earn some money. hahaha. brokeeee
love the carefree life once again! no freaking holiday hw anymoreeee. hahahha
im all grown up:)

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