Monday, October 8, 2012

senor taco

a couple of months back, i reserved a table at this mexican restaurant at chijmes for a nice dinner date with my boyfriend. i used the app "reserveit" to look for affordable (hahaha, not that i paid for the meal) and nice restaurants that suit the mood of the dinner. great app:) but most of the restaurants are really expensive. haha.  


he and his goofiness
 they served us complimentary nachos with melted cheese as appetizers. they were amazing hahaha.
we ordered our drinks first and i got a frozen lime magarita and he had some white wine.
not really a fan of wine but he said the wine was really good. well, my magarita was off the hooks!
love love love the salt ard the rims. the only thing is that it melts pretty fast so if you don wanna waste your drink, drink it quick, or rather quick enough so that when it melts, the cup can still hold the liquid.

 so yes, i guess mexican food isnt really our thing but it isnt that bad. hahaha. good experience.

 the other dish we ordered. i kinda liked this more actually. maybe cuz it has more vegetables.
 the view when it gets darker:)  oh ya! the chairs are movable, so after the meal, you can turn it ard to face tis view. had a nice chat over this dinner.

ended up in macs when he sent me back. but i forgot it was due to what reason
this is definitely one of the most memorable and enjoyable dates i've had with this boy:)

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