Monday, October 8, 2012


my friends are slowly flying to other parts of the world to continue their studies:(
laura flew off to london and now it's amanda's turn to fly to Australia
we did a surprise farewell party for her and it went really well:)) hahaha
i couldnt make it early so by the time i reached there, the others have decorated her room nicely alr.
the decorations are amazing:)) photos below
so all we had to do was wait for amanda to get home but she took forever hahaha
but it was worth the wait;) we had a small htht at her balcony while waiting for her to get back
4 years and 6 years of friendship and counting! will miss her so much;(( she'll be back next june so cant wait!!
this was the next morning after the sleepover haha
her surprised face:)))
having supper as usual. we are always eating i swear.
 look at the pretty decor! love ittttt
the lights made the ambiance really nice:)
after a couple of days, we all went to the airport to send her off but that woman was late! hahaa
so we just took a few quick photos and had to let her go:(
luckily no one started crying but i was on the verge of crying when we were watching her go into the departure hall. sigh
pray that things will go smoothly for her there and stay safe!
hope no one bullies her over there!

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