Wednesday, September 26, 2012


i lost count with the number of weeks im into uni life alr
seriously, cant believe im alr in uni. i feel so old yet so not my age at the same time
kay, maybe im just still childish for my age hahaha.

oh wells:)

my boyfriend:))

my lovely roomie;))

 love this girl hahaha
so, as i complete one project, another huge one surfaces. just so.... annoying. keeps piling up. sigh
but i'll get through this first sem.
so many presentations and projects! goddd
i guess i could say that this were all what i had expected when i decided to take this course
but i didnt expect it to be so draining on my energy
and it's also because of the insane dance commitments i have altogether
adapting to it but still trying to balance things out
by the end of first week of nov, i'll be so much freer! can't wait
better make good use of it though haha

kay that'll be all:) night folks

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