Monday, September 3, 2012

hello hello!
it has been so long since i updated this space hahaha
okay la, about 3 months? hahaha.
have been such a crazy 3 months so far and it's only gonna get crazier!
still settling into Uni life and hall life
but my dance commitments are gonna kill me soon i swear
i have to travel out so often that i might as well not stay in hall haha.
ah wells, it still does help when i wanna go back after class to have a nap. that's the main purpose of having a hall. 

im taking Biz in NTU, and it's gonna be over in a quick 3 years.
got to start cherishing everything i have now
this is good, i should do frequent reflections in this space haha

so last week was the third week in school. i cant believe it's only week 3! it feels like i've been in ntu for so long.
on the other hand, my friend think it's really fast. hahaha
projects and presentations are coming up real soon. first one starting end of this week. 
need to organize my schedule. dance, homework, school, boyfriend, family, sleep, food

 our relationship is ever so exciting hahaha
love this
so currently, im trying to be more chill abt him and take things easy so that the arguments don come that easily. i guess smile more and laugh it off more. but sometimes it's just so difficult because you are so connected to this person and you expect just so much from him that when he doesnt do what you expected, you become angry and disappointed. and then again, it isnt his fault, it's my expectations i set for him. it's really difficult to not set any expectations honestly but i'll try again.  
sometimes it gets really bad, especially when TOM (time of the month) visits me.
i just feel like nth is right and i cant take it anymore
but when i start thinking properly, and things we went through and his efforts, i guess i should feel lucky in some way.
i keep asking things from him that i myself do not do. i like to reciprocate and not initiate because i always feel shortchanged. but i guess someone will always have to sacrifice.
it's like i have this inner struggle ALL THE TIME. sigh. need to kill the devil inside!

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