Monday, June 4, 2012

Bailamos '12

It has been a great great great honour and pleasure to be part of this year's production again.
It's weird cuz I think I kinda shed more tears during this year's production compared to last year's. Tears induced by my instructors and teachers.
It really shows how much they care for these kids and how much work they have put into this production as well.
Really excited for all the pretty concert photos to be up on fb!
Laura did an amazing job with her choreo this year and I'm really glad that I could dance for her:)
All the juniors did incredible pieces as well! All the ideas were all super creative:))
Bailamos will always leave me wonderful memories though through this journey, there were countless blasting from the teachers and instructors. Although it wasn't directed towards the alumni, we will forever be part of this family and will sit through this tgt.
So anws! To end off this post bailamos withdrawal mood, just wanna thank everyone who was in this journey with me:) so proud of all my juniors and so proud to be part of this family:)

P.s: stubbed my toe before the performance on the last day. Was freaking swollen for two days but much better now. Just pray that it'll heal by next week so that I can dance properly for my ballet concert.

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