Tuesday, May 22, 2012

picture post!!

hello hello! it has been awhile and many things have happened!

like i've accepted NTU biz alr but gonna try appealing to NUS biz!
and he has just enlisted today. shaving all his hair off yesterday was really quite a big deal for him. hahaha. awww. hopefully all will be well for him in there!:)
he's in pes e so i kinda will get to talk to him and see him every night! hahaha.
the perks of being a pes e!

oh yes! i've also recently signed a dance contract to be part of this amazing scholarship program by moving arts studio:)
hopefully through that, i'll improve much more!
had a contemp and ballet lesson so far, the pace was really really fast but hope i didnt do too badly.. :/

other than that.... preparations for bailamos! also for my ballet concert!:)
excited for both but more scared for the ballet concert.
i kinda feel bad to keep asking my friends to come watch my dance concerts cuz the tickets are really not that cheap. sigh
plus, i think they get turned off by the word ballet.... thinking it'll be boring and all.
i mean.... yeah i guess non dancers wouldnt be able to really appreciate that.
but oh wells! hopefully the turn out will still be good cuz currently, my teacher said the number of dancers is gonna outnumber the audience. sigh
hahha, ppl, pls come and watch my ballet concert? thanks:)

photo time! not in order! so the photos are anyhow

 food for thought @botanic gardens. celebration for keefe's and laura's birthday!
 went to medzs, then acid bar, the other night for a farewell dinner for the boys!
class dinner at beauty world cuz lautner was back in town for awhile for her uni interviews!;)
 with the ballet girls at winny's NAFA concert:) crossings
 with the dancers
 at food for thought

okay! the end! byebye!

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