Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mundan(c)e life

WOAH! i came into blogger and everything is changed!
about time! hahaha.
haven explored all the new things so far but im liking the new uploading of photos system. SO MUCH BETTER AND FASTER(y)
anws! we went back to school the other day for vetting and got a photo with zaki and ms lim!:))
B & J'S FREE CONE DAY AT ROCHESTER! was trying to take a photo of my cone before it melts
and carmina finally uploaded the photos of MBS SLEEPOVER!!

this was after we went clubbing, played some games before we all conked out
me and lautner!
and again

:) thanks sophy for this awesome blurrry shot

the girls that night

went to support weichen for his performance! wore my new heels that day and it killed my feet.
anws!!  i think im going ahead with NTU biz. my heart screams NUS but my head tells me NTU biz is gonna benefit me more. so yes....

two dance performances coming up!!
BAILAMOS! - by ACJC dance society:)
im in one of the alumni items!
venue: CPA @ ACJC
tics: 25 bucks
time: 730pm
dates: 29th, 30th, 31st may!

VOYAGE! - by my ballet group
im in three items! and one is a solo piece:) do come support!
venue: republic poly
tics: 15 and 18 bucks
time: 3pm and 8pm
date: 17 june!

and i think i might audition for raw moves, a contemp dance company.
sigh idk!

i just need my life to get back on track again
like happy like a lark!
too many ppl have been telling me i look sad

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