Thursday, April 26, 2012

let me see you again

 bought the tye-dye top im wearing from the bintan trip!

went for a shopping spree at H&M with my mum after work today:)
hahahaha. woohoo! i feel guilty for spending so much though! should draw money and pay her back.
bought a new swimsuit! i love it! though the top is a bit thin arh. no padding. but it's so NICE. covers my jelly bean too. gonna wear it on my bali trip in june! excited max;DDD
the stuff i bought this time round are all this rosy blush colour, so sweet. time to change my style.
bought new shades again! haha. and it was from the guys section, again.
some how, the guy shades suit my face shape better

had prata breakfast with my dad this morning too!
woke up so early just to bathe and head out and eat.
hahaha but wah, sometimes i just cant stand him! he's too funny.
not that he says witty jokes but... you just wanna laugh at him hahaha.

but yes! morn shift again tmr! shall go to bed now.
cant wait for dance on sat. the only thing i actually look forward to each week.

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