Monday, April 30, 2012

just say it

im gonna watch the avengers no matter what!! my favourite character is ironman. hahaha.
i just love his charm and humor:)

anyhoo!! today was such a bad day for me. okay half bad
le sigh. went to stupidly refund my ezlink card. why the shit did i do it?! arghhh.
inside only left 2.50, could have kept my card for memory sake and could have used it for all the student deals cuz ppl still say i look like im 12.
ahhhhh. someone slap me. why didnt i think properly. was freaking pissed off at myself just now.
and plus i traveled down to yck just to receive a msg that he made his way down to my place. like le sigh again. no fate. just ended up meeting later only.
but what started off bad ended well:) thanks for trying to cheer me up though you kept saying annoying things now and then. it's always a rollercoaster ride. i guess it is exciting? haha. i amaze myself sometimes cuz i can get angry so easily yet forget abt it so quickly and just want you to hold me.
it's always better with your presence. i become insanely unstable without you there.
coloured contacts really make one's eye look so much bigger and nicer.
but eyebrows are very impt too!
i'll try not to leave the house w/o concealer and drawing my brows.
idk why my tummy's still telling me im hungry.
maybe im not feeling hungry. but it feels like hunger!
i alr ate and fill my tummy up with hot nutella milk
weird feeling.
kay bye! should sleep off the feeling
working on labour day tmr! gonna get more moneh hehe

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