Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i'll be your crying shoulder
one of my fav childhood sweet! my mum would call it the dinosaur bone sweet and my siblings and i would pretend it's cigarette
like a sir
just been to school yesterday for bailamos vetting
you only know how much you miss smth after being back at that same situation again
i miss ac dance A LOT
i just miss being lectured by my instructor. is that weird?
oh god, i miss all his sarcasm. hahahah
though he lectures us, he makes it really interesting to listen.
i didnt want to go back home that night
im looking forward to bailamos a whole lot now
i really wish i was still having that kind of life. go to school and go for dance after. sigh. well, maybe not the waking up early part cuz im loving my sleep now.

and i've been watching so many romance movies
right after the movie, im always still left lingering for more. like stuck in the awww-world
if only life was like a love movie!
i know it's not possible but how i hope it might come true someday in the future
to know immediately that you love someone and that the person loves you back. that'll be so nice:)

anyhow! i got accepted into NTU biz and NUS FASS so far:) still waiting for SMU's letter to come before i decide!

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