Friday, March 30, 2012

just a photo post and random ramblings abt my life! haha

went cycling with xiueyy yesterday at ecp!
it was such an adventure. omg. okay at first it was damn nice. like our bikes were super easy to cycle, very smooth and all. we had a nice and long chat while cycling. then we decided we should go changi airport. but i think we took a wrong turn and we ended up at tanah merah instead. but we could still see the path and all, so we just kept on cycling. i checked my gps to see where we are and we're not lost or anything
then, the path ends. it's only either the road or some dirt track that we have to cycle through.
the road's dangerous, so we chose the mysterious dirt track instead.
here's a photo of the dirt track.
after that photo, it started drizzling. so we were freaking out a little but luckily it didnt pour.
the dirt track was really fun actually! ahhaa. damn bumpy. but luckily none of us fell.
the weird thing it that, xiu fell twice and almost crashed into me three times when we were cycling on normal groud. HAHAHAA. she really cannot cycle straight. hahaa. damn cute la she.
but yes, we finally made our way back safe and sound with our asses aching like mad. the bicycle seats were crazy hard! met tim mah at I12 afterwards and had dinner at zaffron.
expensive dinner. supposed to be a treat from tim mah but he only had 25 bucks and i told him we'll top up the rest. his dish was really ex, so both me and xiu had to top up 10 bucks each. hahahaha. wts. sigh. thought i could get a nice free dinner.
but anws! the cheese naan was amazing. but must eat fast cuz the food turn cold easily.

the day at mbs with my family:) love mbs! such a pretty place
brow looking kinda thick there
fun o rama!! it was such a hot and sweaty day!!! plus i wore jeans. i almost died of heatstroke.
it was fun, but i was feeling super uncomfortable in all that heat.
i miss school. i miss seeing so many familiar faces. saying hi to ppl. seeing all your eyecandies!! wahh. i caught a glimpse of nathan hartono! but i dont know if he was singing anywhere in school or not.
i just kept eating at the carnival. that's one bad thing. the good thing is that, i got the shirt at the lower price! and i freaking love the shirt. damn nice!:))) had dinner with the class after at fusion.

HUNGER GAMES DAY. but i got slight motion sickness after the movie haha. i kinda like the movie more than the book though. cuz im a visual person. hehe
went to watch evocation, a dance concert by nus ensemble, just a few days ago!
omg, the girls have crazy amazing techniques!!! im damn motivated to train harder now. and my senior improved so much. good job to him!!!
a dinner with joyce, angela and liang wei!

and photos from ewf when steve brings his camera:)
love the lens he uses!

okay that's abt it!
i shall go stretch now!!!
good day and byebye!

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