Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Went to work for the second shift today.
Idk why but I'm not as excited to work anymore as in the past.
Like I used to be really happy to go to work! Maybe because no one visits me at work anymore. Maybe smth else is distracting me from being happy. Maybe I'm just bored of working.
but dark boy visited me at work once! That was a pleasant surprise:)

But it's not that it's not fun anymore. I still laugh everyday when I'm at work cuz the ppl there are really funny and horny. Okay the latter applies to the cooks only. Hahaha. I just don feel the passion to do as much.

Sigh.. I'm becoming less happy... It sucks. Even my cook asked me why I became less bubbly compared to last month. I need a change!! Maybe more dancing might help.

I think I'm difficult to please :/

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