Friday, February 3, 2012

family day at MBS! we went there for my brothers to practice their photography skills haha
at cathay to watch the descendants!

we went back to crash orientation! we formed a group called yo mama:)
josh and keefe have enlisted alr, that explains the baldness. gonna miss them!
gathering at josh's house on the third day of cny!
having steamboat provided by laura and josh:)

my friends are going away one by one! all going to army, sigh.
im glad for all the times we had together though.
it was ALWAYS fun

yknow what, im actually not looking forward to uni life at all
i don wanna grow up any further
i like where i am at in life now
no impt decisions to make!!
just work when i can to earn some cash, go out with friends, date, dance... i think i need to add a bit more family time into my schedule

and it's really true that change is constant!
just last month, i was completely chill about it but right now, he matters a lot and if it were healthy, i would love to see him everyday.
and yeah, i probably shouldnt have probed further. it did kill me a little inside but omg, my curiosity was killing me alr.
relationship is like a key into another you. you experience another kind of joy and heartache.
and it's such a fragile thing. it needs tons of bubble wrap so that when any of the bubble pops, there are still aplenty of bubbles left to protect it.

hahahaha, okay i amuse myself sometimes. that bubble wrap thing is awesome man! it just came up into my head. and i believed i just destroyed my swag. damn
shall bathe and prepare for ballet!
thinking of taking up open classes at oschool soon!!
AND I CANT WAIT TO GET MY PAY! though i cant really use it cuz i need to bank it in (pay back what i took out for my bintan trip)


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