Monday, February 27, 2012


long time no talk at this space
had been busy with many things! let's see:))

went to amanda's place the other day to learn how to make a wallet from her!
it's a really tedious job but i think my hardwork paid off!
we made instant mac and cheese! cc gave it to her from aussie and she gave me one packet for lunch. her maid then made onion rings and fries for us hahhaa. omg, love going to her house man! always have so many awesome things to eat!
we started camwhoring after she was done with her card holder. i should do one for myself too! need to go get plastic and harder paper

other than that! met up with them the other day at timbre for dinner!:))
missed them so much! ok it was a little weird in the beginning idk why!! maybe only i felt it.. hahaha. like there were a few awkward silences, maybe cuz we haven met each other for a long time. but it was okay after that!
lynette didnt want to be in the photo so she took it for us instead!

timbre is a damn indie place! the wall behind us looks like it's gonna collapse anytime soon. but i guess that's the 'look' they wanna go for? service wasnt very fantass though. they forgot to charge us for a drink. but keziah felt damn guilty so we went back to pay for it. hahah. they dont even know. but at least our conscience is clean now! hahaa. keziah made all of us seem damn bad! hahaha. like no integrity.
the army boys were finally out after 2 weeks of confinement! but i had work that morning so they all came to EWF to lunch instead!!:))) so happy to see them. idk why but i almost teared when i saw all of them. hahaha. met up with them again just this past sat! we went to american club to bowl. damn fun!
oh yes! booked a room at MBS with my class!
lautner organized it! she was super enthu abt this gathering
it was supposed to be a ladies night thing but the room was quite ex, so we asked the guys along so we didnt need to pay that much
we went to kudeta which is at the top floor. but that place was mostly filled with angmohs, japanese tourists and all the business man and woman. we're like the youngest there. hahaha. but we had fun!:))

we went back to our room to play weird guessing games and charades. omg the charades was damn exciting!! hahahaha. you have to be there to understand. hahaha.

we went to vanow's house to surprise her for her birthday! it was quite funny because she thought we were like the newspaper man and refuse to open the door for us. so we just stood outside thinking she went out for breakfast. until sophy finally called her and she opened her door hahaha. but the surprise went well!:)) we had a nice breakfast together:) we brought the food we made ourselves.

looking really retarded trying the xlinder. it's damn hard! my legs just kept moving apart from each other.

other than that.....
i've been working! waiting for my next pay now hahaha
oh oh! i went for pointe class on sun morning and just sat in for the next junior class.
omg, there were these 3 girls, i think they are from sota, they are so freaking good.
but i only really like one. she's such a cutie pie!!
omg cannot tank, too sweet alr. hahaha. and she is really really good man!
at that age, im like nothing. she is better than me. im filled with envy man! and motivation to improve.
like she has that build of a ballerina! maybe it's their diet hahha. damn nice body too. her body structure is really good too. siannnnn. demoralized but i love watching her dance.

think im gonna go back next sun again to train up on my pointe! i don have a nice arch:( sigh.

anws! this is a damn nice song

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