Sunday, January 8, 2012


sleepover at amanda's house! preparing supper in her kitchen:)
with lautner!
with jeraldine, francessca and tingli at ewf!:))
my hat looks good on everyone haha
somewhere at rws
after karaoke-ing at biopolis!
combined prac at nan hua
my birthday celebration with the crescent ppl;)) <33
anyhow art with ling!
during the sleepover. we prepared a cake for kanice;)
waiting for the popcorn to be ready!
in the morn!
christmas gathering at josh's house!:)))
christmas gathering at de cotta's house!
at josh's house
my dance to 'love on top'!
tandas girls dance to 'the boys' by snsd

im derrick's secret santa!
sam's mine secret santa:)
the girls!

ahhh photos do say a lot!
had so much fun during december!

oh yes, i've started work alr!
im lucky enough to have ppl visiting me at work everyday;) thanks guys!
but i've just fallen ill and it sucks
sigh. need to get well soon!
ice cream buffet on the 10th!!! :)))

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