Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year!!

Hahaha I know all my posts have been really short but that's cuz I'm blogging from my phone.
I haven used the com for the longest time man! Having an iPhone just changes a lot of habits!
But problem is, when I'm on the com, I don feel inspired to blog about anything in particular! I usually blog before I sleep you see, so blogging via phone is super convenient haha.

Kay enough of that useless rant.
I just completed a jazz performance at holiday inn for the SGH soc party. I'm really grateful to have been part of that dance! I've really learnt a lot from the choreographer, Jie ling. I used to eye candy her in my lower sec days during our previous ballet production. Hahaha. She is a really great performer! Though we weren't exactly perfect on stage because we only had 5 practices and the stage was so freaking shallow, it was still a good performance I think. Hehe. Oh wells, as long as I enjoyed it!:) we were supposed to be rich French ladies who do not care abt guys. I purposely drew a mole on my left cheek!! Steph named it Sam hahahah. It's a sexy mole! I liked it a lot hahah.

Aside that.... Hmm. Oh yes! My choreography for the ballet concert in June. It has progressed!! 45secs left! Omgosh, I wanna secretly cut the last chorus out.... I'm like really really out of breath from that 2.30secs alr. Hope everything turns out amazing in the end!

Oh yes, countdown at Amk park's macs was really 'fun'. Hahahha I went there with keefe and my eld bro. Next time, I'm going to the Siloso beach party!!! Or at least have proper plans! Hahaha.

2sd1's class gathering was amazing. I had a lot of fun this year. Awesome party guys! Thanks to that bunch of organizers! And thanks dc for hosting it at your house! I really do hope there is another one next year! :))))

P.s: I think my next post will just be a photo post.

Hi this is Sam:)

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