Sunday, January 22, 2012


okay so i shall briefly state what we did on each day and the rest will be said through the photos!:))

day 1
we arrived but had to sit down and negotiate with the staff for about an hour because we intended to sneak 9 ppl into the 4 ppl villa but they didnt allow. i mean, we don mind squeezing! but they insisted that we had to get another chalet. so yes, each of us had to top up another 75 bucks! but it doesnt matter, we werent gonna let that destroy our mood!

we took the BUGGY to our villa and it was BEAUTIFUL
the girls immediately took the bigger and nicer room hahaha
we had a mini lunch before heading to the beach!!
luckily anette and josh decided to cook all our meals for us! cuz that really saved us A LOT of cash. and it's really fun to cook haha
oh and our buggy, it was the highlight of our trip, as mentioned in my previous post.
I FREAKING WANT A BUGGY. though i almost killed everyone on the last day but i swear i was not a reckless driver for the other times i was on it!
so yes! we played in the sea, on the sand, UNDER the sand. hahaha. yes, me and anette were buried under the sun. it's very nice though! super warm:)
after that, we had volleyball match! i was the referee because of my arm, cannot play vb.
but i played soccer with the guys after that. haha. i tend to kick the leg instead of the ball. sorry. hahha
skip skip skip!
went back to our villa for olive rice! yummeh! after that we had a pool party! hahahha
that was damn fun
omg, we just immediately split up into boys and girls and just became 5 year olds again. hhahaha. plus joan brought her huge float along! everyone kept wanting to use it but everyone else kept capsizing that person. hahahha.
ahh, first day:)

day 2
woke up hoping to see the sun rise but we failed
went for the buffet breakfast and BANANA BOAT!!
i had wanted to take the banana boat since forever! omgosh i was super excited and it didnt let me down
hahahha, it was damn freaking fun. i screamed like mad. oh oh, but our first capsize didnt go too well. shao and keefe kinda were tangled up. she kicked his balls and he bit his lips
the convo went like this
shao: your mouth!
keeefe: my balls...
shao: your mouth!
keeefe: my balls...
shao: your mouth!
keeefe: my balls...
shao: your mouth!
keeefe: my balls...
shao: your mouth!
keeefe: my balls...
and so on. hahaha
joan keefe and shao decided to kayak after that so the rest just sun bathe by the beach
had really nice and interesting chats hahaha
a lot of wet sand fight too
the guys played soccer with the locals after that and the girls just continued playing in the water
omg, when shao said 'shutz! your shoulder!', i turned and got a shock too.
it was as red as a baboon's arse! i immediately went into the shade after that.
we went back for some nice beef patty burger for lunch and took a cab out to the village
me anette and lau did a balinese body massage
maybe not a very smart thing to do considering we are all sun burnt but it was still shiok!
went to the kelong to have dinner after that
went back to our villa and shared ghost stories hahaha
it did freak us out a bit but it was quite fun:)

day 3
i did flying fox for the first time!! the first drop was the best part of the whole ride
sk shouted 'my balls!' throughout the ride hahahhaa damn funny
after that, the guys went fishing and the girls went on an exploration ard the place on our buggy!
it was super fun! joan was damn hiong, she kept wanting to explore all the places
the buggy is the best place to have nice chats (second would be the kayak!)
after that, we went back for carbonara lunch! it was really good:) all our meals are yummy actually!
we had a short pool party for awhile before heading back to the beach because lau wanted to see the beach again.
she and tim were leaving that night:(
the girls had a nice long chat at the beach while the boys went to play soccer with the locals
after that, we went back to the kelong to chill with drinks and the guys, fish
it was a wonderful place to just sit down and hang out:)
lau and tim left after that.
the rest of us went for a night buggy ride at night
hahaha, damn fun and damn scary for those sitting at the back!
crazy dark for them.
we wanted to find a pub or smth but everywhere was closed alr.
the guys shifted a bed to our room that night since we are left with 7 ppl only.
we planned to stay up but at 4, we were all dead beat so we went to bed

day 4
woke up ard 10 to pack all our stuff
said bye to the place before taking our last buggy ride down to the lobby
hahaha, i almost killed everyone on this last ride
i was super excited! so i shouted full speed ahead and i really stepped on the paddle
there was a sharp turn into the lobby so yea, it was a crazy turn
everything on shao flew out of the buggy. ahahhaha but she was putting on sun block!
it was quite fun but near death and near money
because if we overturn or crash our buggy, we have to pay 1400 bucks
phew. hahhahaa
sorry guys.

those 4 days of fun will remain as one of my best memories
i couldnt help but kept saying ' im so happy im here with you guys'

ok to the photos!

playing cards by the kelong

beautiful sunset!!

on the buggy:)

pervy anette haha
this is why we are badly tanned
a the village



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