Thursday, December 22, 2011


So a lot has happened recently!!
Like my very first sleepover! And my very first day at work! Hahaha. Ohhh both happened on the same day actually.

So so let's chat abt my first day at work first. Hahah. I arrived really early. Felt really awkward at first and was so quiet. Oh yes, I had to walk ard town at 10 in the morn to find shoes. I kinda wore slippers cuz it was really heavily. Okay I know, stupid of me. Plus it's my fault I didn't ask her what's the attire like. 33 bucks just flew away. Sigh. Anws! Other than that, I did a few booboos throughout the day but the ppl there are really fun:) my legs were soooo tired after that first day. I did full shift and my legs felt like it could break any moment when I was on my way to Amanda's house. Plus the new shoes gave me blisters. I'm really excited to go back to work again actually! Hopefully with the same ppl I met on my first day! I just went back there today to get my umbrella.

Anyhow! My first sleepover!! Okay, it wasn't the entirely crazy for me cuz i got there pretty late. They were telling me they were trying how to shuffke and learning all sorts of stuff off youtube. Hahaha. But we had a nice board game and two movies! Had so much to munch on. Butter popcorn, m&ms, kitkat, Hot chocolate plus marsh mallows:))) Amanda's house has so many things! Her house is really gorgeous man. Best place to have a sleepover. Plus she makes a REALLY good host. We slept abt 6 but I had to wake up at 11 plus for some dance prac at 130. Amanda was like cooking French toast for us. Hahah damn sweet of her:) I just ate some cup noodles cuz i was rushing. I loved the experience:)) I don understand why my mum never allowed me to have sleepovers! Weirddd

Merry christmas guys:)
I'm starting to see it and I'm glad I do :)

Oh oh! We went for anyhow art on the 18th. It was so worth it. I loved every item. They have really improved over the years:)))

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