Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The period before you sleep

Idk if it's just me or girls in general, I think exceptionally a lot before I sleep! Unless I'm like DEAD tired la. But on normal days, I just lie on my bed with the lights off and just can't shut my mind off.
I'll be thinking of how I would want a situation to turn out and imagine myself being all ballsy to say things I wouldn't say in reality.
And this mini self reflection thing I do is not good for my soul man! I tend to think of things that makes me unhappy. Maybe the dark room caused me to think the worse of every situation and how it'll just turn to the nasty path.

Aside that, i have been dancing for the past few days and the days to come! Excited for the performance on the 29th! Just had my first dance lesson for my own piece with Mdm fung today. It was really productive but I just felt super nauseous after the prac. Maybe it's the multiple turns.

December has been a really good month for me:) everything is just really good. But relationships with friends and family wise, I'll still need some catching up to do! I'm just such a lazy person. I seldom take the initiative to talk to someone unless I'm bored. I feel bad and that has caused me to have very few close friends. But aiya, who cares hahaha. It's easier for me to handle just a few close friends anws:) i like it like that.

And I'm gonna start work officially on 3rd jan at EWF, orchard central:)

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