Sunday, December 11, 2011

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AC prom night.
here we go:)

so from right after A's to prom night itself(abt a week), the dancers met up to redo our bailamos item, blues.
had muscle aches almost every single day after the practice and so many last min things pop up in between! im glad we still maanged to pull through!
settling all the blockings and costumes were a bitch but im just super glad it's over.
and guys, we still had to pay 85 bucks for prom tickets! so whoever that said dancers didnt have to pay anything for prom, that's BULLLL. hahaha.
photos from prom!

in anette's car after preparing at her house before heading down to marriott.

HAHA before the performance, we were all having the pre-performance jitters.
we shouldnt have it, but we did. luckily we were the first performance, couldnt wait to get it over and done with!
after we were done, we rushed to the toilet and were so excited to dress up to take photos. haha
here are just some. there are plenty of photos on facebook!
preparing for the performance

the nlb gang. hahah

tim damn sexy la. he was the STAR of the night. i would really love to share it but i have repeated it a million times alr. and it shall be smth that only those who went for prom can enjoy.

after prom, the rest proceeded to helipad for post prom but i was carrying too much loot and it'll be damn stupid to lug them all the way there so some of us went back home to put it down first.
changed and cab down straight after.

so that was my first clubbing experience. really intimidating when you first get in. cuz everyone else is alr damn high, the music was crazy loud, the lights were crazy. so we decided to head up to the balcony to chill out first. we bought 3 cups of drinks to share cuz it was so ex. hahaha
but they were really nice! like the sweet and drinkable type. haha.
after an hour of so, i didnt wanna waste 20 bucks of entrance fees, so i decided to head down with anette and tim. tim was protecting the girls all night hahaha. damn uncle.
well, it wasnt a bad experience. haha. the music and dancing made me high, but i was sober.
after awhile, the others wanted to leave so we just walked to the riverside to hang out.
then proceeded to macs for breakfast.

anette's damn hot here. i turned ard and saw her silhouette and i so needed to take a shot of her.

waiting for the train service to start was a horrible horrible time. really should have booked a hotel guys. hahaha.
but the train finally started and we just crashed in the train

prom and post prom went pretty well! had loads of fun that night.

went out with the crescent girls just yesterday
hahaha sry if i didnt express it well enough yesterday guys. but i was really happy and i had a lot of fun. you guys are damn retarded! hahaha.
we were supposed to go timbre for dinner and i was excited cuz i haven been there before! but they had some christmas event that needed 36 bucks to enter so we headed down to raffles city instead. had dinner at osaka town! was pretty good! :)
then we walked to esplanade's rooftop to chill after. we had no idea that there was gonna be an eclipse that night. lucky us! haha. we sat around this "sacred" lamp and just shared all the gossips. hahaha. really really enjoyed that night. and yes! we shall save up so that we can enjoy ourselves at that cool bar!! :)))

gonna go help my mum with dinner now.

p.s: i've sent my application to awfully chocolate. my resume was so short. haha. damn it, i hope they'll contact me!

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