Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First job interview

Haha Idk why I tend to blog more during the exam period.
But anws! I shall try to keep this blog going!

Went for my first job interview in my life today! Luckily I could drag old Chang to the place with me cuz I would seriously be lost in that area. Hahaha Haven been there in my life! Haha. But I felt damn bad cuz he had to wait for a really long time for me.
The interview was a little like orientation man! Pretty cool interview.
They asked us to introduce ourselves first and share a joke or talent. Yes, i shared my sick pinnochio joke. That was the first joke that popped into my head man! At least i asked them if the joke had to be pure. Haha. They didn't mind:)) I hope I get the job! Eeek!!

Waiting for their text/call. PLS TEXT ME PLS TEXT ME PLS TEXT ME.
Hahaha. I think i sound too desperate for that job.
Ah wells! We shall see:)

Night folks!:)

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