Friday, December 2, 2011

Drops of Jupiter

Crazy dance sessions officially starts tmr again! Woo! Kinda looking forward to it but I think I'll be super tired! Gonna have a dance session with my ballet mate before going for prom dance prac:) plus another jazz dance prac on sat morn! So many dance stuff. AWESOME hahaha
Needa go sign up for hip hop lessons soon too!!! Have been wanting to do that since sec 3! After that lyrical hip hop lesson, it really increased my interest in hip hop.

But!! I was out with Ivan just the other day and he brought me to look at those breakers or dancers at scape. Intimidatingggg! Like I think you must either be really good or have really think skin to dance in front of strangers. I can't! I'll feel judged hahaha. Too shy alr.

Oh yeah! Went to Anette's house to teach her the dance today! Then went to bugis with Xiu to get some costume stuff:))) had a nice chill at Starbucks. Hahaha. When I was studying for A's, I was always dreaming of such sessions. Where we just go starbucks to sit and talk. HOW SHIOK. Hahaha. Met cheng and Timmy after that to do blocking. But guess we have to reblock now and I have to go back to bugis to get another skirt. SIGHHHH.

Kay I'm super tired now!
Night world!

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