Friday, November 25, 2011

Nearing the end

My title says it all man. Left with two mcq paper and next tues marks our freedom. But on the way back in my aunt's car, I did some self reflection of my life. I really don know what to do.
Next year, our transportation fees will be mega ex alr. Sigh. Idk what jobs to find. My mum said I'm damn choosy. Hahaha. True lah. Oh wells. I'm considering Working near my place to save cost but the only places that would serve good money are secondary schools. But I wanna work in service area. So fun to serve ppl.
But at the same time, time to up my standard and train ultra hard for my ballet performance next year.

Does anyone have any good job offers?

Gummed with them after geog paper today:) first time running for 30min straight. Thighs gonna ache tmr

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