Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm gonna start my lfot plan soon man!
Anws lfot stands for lose fats off tummy. I did it in sec sch before but I forgot how successful it was hahahah.
Wah today I wore my olive green skinnies and I felt it man. Those muffin tops at the front. I was so disgusted with myself!! Especially when I walk up the stairs... Horrible. Can't imagine how it would be when i sit down later. Gosh! Must be the Amt of chocolate and chips I ate. I shall try the cardio work out routine josh sent me to get abs. Hahaha. I wonder if it'll really work.

Anws! I watched tin tin the other day With prolly the most retarded ppl ever. Hahaha. Retarded in the good way, had a damn good laugh. But yes, tin tin has super amazing graphics! It's a quite retarded show but not super fantass or anything luh. Hahaha
I wanna catch puss in boots! Footloose! Breaking dawn? Hahahah.

Can't wait to go shopping for one whole day man! Went to topman with the Ivan and joe the other day cuz they were shopping for prom stuff. I think I'll go ard small shops to look for my clothes in case of same dress situation. Haha. I might not even be wearing a dress. Hmm

Heading to nlb! I wonder when it'll be the last day I'll be heading there.

And I wanna thank the dancers for the surprise before the paper, my class for celebrating after geog paper, the tandas girls for giving me a new bra:)))) and the nlb gang for spending the rest of my birthday with me and treatin me to dinner and ice cream!!
I'm 18, that feels so weird! Haha
Love you guys so much!!! Despite the exams, I was REALLY happy that day. And I was happy that I was happy:)

Celebration for the nov babies!

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