Friday, November 11, 2011


I planned to like nap for 15 min before waking to watch x-factor but I can't bring myself to sleep! My mind's filled with many many things.
Anws! Talking about x-factor, I'm on team Melanie!!!!! Semi team drew too:)))) wahhh melanie is seriously damn good man. I'm gonna dl her third live show performance tmr into my phone!! Love her voice! So effortless.

Today's my happy day:))) cuz of many reasons:))) paper wasn't that hard, had a wonderful dinner and after I came out of the shower, I found this pretty Starbucks paper bag on my bed. Actually I didn't see it till I was done with applying toner on my face and all that shit. I turned ard and in my head I was like ehhhhhh, foreign object on my bed. I looked inside and it's a Starbucks tumbler!! Kay the design isn't fantass but I'm still super touched!!!:))) it's from my elf bro:))) yayyyyy. I thought it was the tumbler that can slot paper into it and i was alr planning to do a collage of photos of everyone I love but when I tried looking for the slit, I couldn't find it and neither could he. Hahahaha. Oh wells! I still love it! The thought and the gift:))

Time for x-factor!!!

P.s: probably just an...

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