Sunday, November 27, 2011

Awfully chocolate

Yup! I'm considering to work there next year! Dec is way too hectic for me to start work and I deserve a month's plus break. Haha. Yes I know the pay may be not the highest but it's pretty near my house and they only need me to work like 1 to 2 days a week, sounds good to me man. And awfuly chocolate just sounds awfully awesome. Haha I sound like I'll get the job for sure. But no no, I'm not implying anything.

2 more days!!!! WAHHHH. Can't believe it's actually ending for me:) some ppl ended long ago alr. Haha. Gonna throw this huge rock off my body soon man!!! I'm gonna hug all my friends on the last day!!!! So freaking stoke!! For idk what yet but yea.

I hope all the overseas plan will actually solidify man!! It's all floating about now... If that made any sense at all.

Time to mug for MCQS!

Guys! Download this photo to enjoy the one for one nuggets!!:)) ends on 29nov!! Damn worth it man, just had it yesterday:)


Anonymous said...

Hi. What's the pay for awfully chocolate server?

Anonymous said...

hi so did you get the awfully chocolate job in the end? please reply me!

Seet Shu Zhen said...

hey! the pay is 6.20 per hour! they allocated me to EWF instead if you read the post after this post! hahaha. ewf is under the same company for awfully chocolate. they'll allocate you based on the spaces available in each shop and your preference:)