Sunday, November 13, 2011

1 week down

One week has passed and there're still 3 more to go! It's really exciting to think about all the things you're gonma do after the exams. Hmm but when we're doing those activities, it may not be as exciting as we are picturing it to be. Haha.

I'm just really looking forward to packing my room and making it more spacious. Oh yeah! My lil bro passed me a gift he made today:) I love it cuz it's from him and he spent time making it for me. It may not necessarily be the most beautiful or expensive present but i still love it. haha my brothers are always passing me their gifts before my actual birthday.

OH MY GAWD!! Wait I didn't tell you guys what my eld bro said to me the other day. (I know it says 'elf bro' in my previous post but I don wanna Change it hahahaha) oh yes, he told me I'm very unlucky because he was looking for a Polaroid cam for me but it was out of stock!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 those are Emoji if you guys can't see it. It's a ghostly face. I'm speechless man! My jaw just dropped when I heard it. Hahaha. DAMN. But nvm, maybe he'll get it for my next birthday? Hahaa

Kay heading to nlb now!
Having a weird pain in my ribs.

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