Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay, im pretty fickle minded so i might change my mind the next week.
But currently, im quite contented with my life. Well, excluding the bad skin week cuz of my stupid period. They never fail to tell me that my period is here, or coming. They, referring to my pimples.
But other than that, my thinner and lighter hair has made me happier and i really do appreciate everyone in my life. So many ppl has said encouraging, motivating and just really thoughtful things to me. I really need to start cherishing them more. I wanna thank those ppl sincerely. ppl from my class, cca, sec sch clique.. Thank you guys:) my class is becoming closer than ever!:) Everything is falling into place nicely. Just have that one last huge obstacle this year. After that, im gonna hardcore do dance. I have to prove her wrong, no, we have to prove her and them wrong. I really want to impress them.
There are tons of things im gonna do after A's and my blog would slowly start to gain its life back again, hopefully haha.

Watched a performance at the dans fest. Abstract. Hahaha. But im in love with the brown(costume) girl's movement in the last dance. She had me watching her the whole time. I love to watch this type of ppl dance! Just so comfortable yet really intense.
K imma sleep now! Night:)

P.s: i really wish that NUS provided a dance module.

2SD1's gongcha day!:)

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