Saturday, September 10, 2011

wish you were here

anws! i tried uploading more photos but idk why the thing wouldnt work
could only manage to upload these 5 photos!

com '10 and '11 =]]]

ac dance fammy=]]
aww man, i miss ac dance. i miss going back to a group of ppl you can be so crazy about.
especially friday dinners! i miss them most.

and after looking at the photos i have on fb, actually i have done quite a bit
oh but those were after prelims

- sent sebby off!
- save the dolphins concert with SD1! it was pretty cool! haha
- went to fort canning park with my bro and weekeat. i wanted to watch the ballerinas but i think it was not allowed. sighh. they went there to take photos. hahaha. i just went there to extra
- mzonka outing! this is surprisingly fun. hahaha! kidding. i really liked it=]
- and most recently! went to xiu xiu's house to bake pancakes and cream puffs. haha, they looked fine and were edible but smth was still not right luh. haha

yup! i'll try to upload some photos on those things next time.
now im going to turn back into a no lifer
my form teacher was lecturing me via whatsap, and trying to motivate me to study.
im gonna try! haha
so im blocking fb and twitter on my phone.
it's gonna be tough but like he said, have we put in enough shit to be able to say 'all that shit we've put in were worth it'


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