Sunday, September 25, 2011

What the..

Well, i was originally happy because i receive smth interesting in the morn. No it's not like tangible things but That made my day, or would for days to come.

I cant believe that just happened!
Oh gosh. It was like secs and metres away. I cant belive ittttt. Ahhh. I thought this only happened in drama. You know scenes where two ppl pass each other w/o realizing they just did? Well except for this case, i saw him. I just started imagining what if i waited for awhile more. Hahahah. Ugh!!! I just feel so ughh. Like wtf? Why did i have to leave earlier! Hahaha. It's my own fault so it's makes it worse. Im annoyed at myself. Grrr kill me. No i don mean it.

Kay nvm, i shall just hope that it would only lead to better future opportunities!

Anette's birthday!:)

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