Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stuck on a fence

So basically, my heading alr gave you some clue on what im gonna blog about. Yes it may seem ridiculous but i was really stuck on the fence for a good 5min.
I was meeting vanow to go to sch late and we thought the guard wouldnt be there at that time. So we were just walking and talking as we approach the gate. When vanow wanted to start climbing, i saw the guard and quickly hide behind the pillar. Vanow saw my movement and quickly hid behind the pillar too. It was such a funny sight cuz both of us just stood behind the pillar and had no idea what to do.
We decided to just walk to the front gate in the end but when we walked out of the pillar, the guard wasnt looking at us, so we quickly walked down. We wanted to climb the fence which was just a few metres away from the gate but the guard kept poking his head out, so we just continued walking.

We finally found a climbable spot! We were contemplating for awhile and decided to just do it cuz we were gonna be late for class.
There was this class right at the end looking at us the whole time. When we took our first step, they went 'eh eh eh!' and i thought a teacher was there! So i quickly come down but vanow went over. Then i realized it was just the students so i attempted again.
So the going up part went well, but when i got to the top, i realized it was pretty high, so i just sat at the top for awhile.

Me: how to get down!
Vanow: you turn, put your foot here
Me: *tried. I... Wait, i pass you my bag first. *throws her bag, took out shoe and socks dropped off tgt. *tries to turn ard again.
Me: shit im stuck... I cant turn, How how!
Vanow: just jump just jump!
Me: huh okay.. *jumps. WEDGIE

So visualize me hanging from the fence in this position where spiderman always is against the wall. My two arms were still holding on the the fence plus my shorts was still holding on to the fence as well! My skirt went up and i was in such an awkward position only vanow will really know. Hahahaha. I tried to just tear my shorts but i really couldnt go any further. So i had to pull myself all the way back up. Vanow told me to reverse and i managed to. So i quickly took my shorts off the hook and tried to jump down again. But my shorts was hooked again! Siannn. I was panicking a lot at that moment. But I finally managed to turn around to face the fence and jump down successfully. Haha. So we quickly run to our class. While running away, the class at the other end shouted,'eh good job!'

Now i have armpit aches due to the stunt i performed w/o warming up, plus a gigantic hole in my shorts. Sigh. But yes, i don think i'll ever climb the fence again.

I wished i had nice arch when i point, like these.

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