Friday, September 2, 2011

Moves like jagger

I will blog about ppp in my next post.... Haha but most likely... It will take awhile. Haha
Anws, went for my last check up last month and my bone has completely fused alr. :) just needa continue doing physio to get back complete rotation ability!

Oh right! Teachers day celebration just passed on thurs. It was terribleeeeee. Okay, maybe not that bad but it was quite painful to sit thru when the mcs were trying to entertain us.
The class played soccer after the celebrations. It was 12 noon then and it was soooo bloody hot. I could feel the heat boiling my feet. Like it's impossible to stay at one spot cuz it's just too darn hot. I had giddy spells half way and had to sit out. Was a good game though! Hahahaha. Was pretty fun running about. After that, we chilled for a long time at the bleachers, playing the guitar, well, not me. Carmina, hui yi and vanow. Hui yi brought her ukelele, it's damn cute! Haha. That session was really nice:))

Made our way to aston for lunch and i made my way down to josh's house after lunch. We played SABOTEUR. it's damn fun!! Hahahaha. But the very last game was crazy. Well, i turned out to be the miner kayyyy. Josh was the evil one, so im not stupid. Hahaha. And lewis kept talking non stop. Hahah damn noisy. Was super tired that day.

Anyhow, gotta start studying again:(( this is so... sigh. I hate it. I tried getting back on track but i cant! It's diffiult man.

Gotta visit h&m soon!

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