Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Messages to anonymous folks! ( they could sound like it's for you but most prolly it isnt kay! Haha. It's for even my friends wouldnt really know. Except maybe... One? Haha )

Hey you.
You are so weird. But it's not the weird that i think is cool. What you said seem to bring about some sort of sting which is bloody annoying. let's just stop talking. I think it would do our friendship good. Like i think i would be more happy to talk to you this way. Haha. Deal?

Hey dark boy.
You are weird. But i like it:) it has always been there but i guess it wasnt significant. What does it refer to? That's for me to know. But maybe staying just as distant friends is better cuz i always liked the period where i first knew a person. But then again, im dying to know you better, so that we can hang out and stuff. Haha but idk, life is filled with surprises:)

P.s: who needs the app post secrets? Haha. Keeding

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