Friday, August 12, 2011

Sup blog! Haven been able to blog about my mundane life because of prelims. However, the irony is that today was the start of prelims and im here blogging. Hahaha.
My life is quite a joke actually. Hahaha. I make too many darn stupid mistakes on a daily basis.
I told myself to get rid of the nickname 'bimbo' when i go into college but seems like it's still plastered on me. Sigh! Oh and i got myself new nicknames like jew and sicko? Hahaha the list goes on and on.

Anws!! I cant wait for prelims to be over. And A LEVELS. i wanna go overseas with my friends and just get back some life. Hahaha.
Ob oh, and i realized girls shouldnt seek their girlfriends for appearance check cuz though some girls might think that looks hawt and all but guys would not think so. I swear my take on pretty girls are 65.3546% opposite from my guyfriends. It's so annoying!
Anws! Gonna try sleep before 12 today! Putting my notes aside for tonight. Beauty sleep is sooo impt my gosh. Small volcanoes are popping out everywhere now, if you get what i mean :p
Night world!:)

P.s: i missed you :) to my old teachers, friends, cousins, or any crushes i might have but not know yet. Hehee

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