Sunday, August 14, 2011

get me away
LONG TIME SINCE I POSTED PHOTOS. not of myself luh, i mean in general

awhile back... let's see, 31 july was my papa's birthday.
went to swensons for dinner.
and as usual, it runs in the family where the guys always close their eyes when taking a photo
oh and we saw this woman with giganto eyes!!! i swear it looked as if they were gonna pop right out. not a very clear photo but you can see a little
and a sneak preview of ac dance's post production party! well, that is if you're not my friend on fb and haven seen the photos. haha, was a great night!
how awesome huh! the theme was greek. hahaha, the juniors really made me laugh my ass off that night=] in a good way of course
time to erm, study. what else.
2 weeks sound short but i have a feeling it's gonna be a looonggg week ahead!

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