Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I only have like a week of great skin every month. I hate period!!!! Makes me break out and like it needs time for it to reach its climax and time for it to chill off.

But im glad im starting to understand how my body functions and all the usual signs of it coming.

Anyhow, everyone's sorta studying every single day now. Sigh. Though i hate it now, im sure i'll miss it the most when i grow up. But i make sure i leave sch by 6 so i can make it home for dong yi, koren show, hahaha. But that's till the free dinner starts :p

I think i needa sort out my notes, they are liks flying everywhere and that makes me feel lost.

Oh lastly, to end off such a random post, when i see my friends, regardless guys or girls posting emo statuses that's bgr related, it makes me feel like it's gonna be so tiring to be in a r/s. Or rather, it reminds me of that misery period that im glad wasnt dragged any longer. But then again, i know how wonderful it can be too... Aish, r/s issues are so complex. There's no right or wrong way to approach it i guess.
When it comes my way, no one can stop it! Hahahaha.

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