Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Encounter with a perv

This is my 4th time but i think this was the WORST experience.
Here goes:
Got into the train at somerset, and it was a little packed as usual. Managed to get into the train and standing in front of me was this boy, i think around sec sch age?
He came really close to me and i thought it was just the squeezy train. I could feel his leg against mine. Couldnt feel his weenie prolly cuz it was still too small. LOL
anws, i just pushed that thought away for awhile, but then he kept doing weird things with his hand. He kept lifting it up and i thought he did that to balance himself but hi hand was so near the wrong area. I quickly kept my hand close to that wrong area to protect them. He gave up after awhile but i still felt him pushing himself against me.

The train reached orchard and a few ppl got off and i took the chance to move in. He followed behind. There were a little more space then and i thought he wouldnt be so close to me. HOWEVER, he started leaning against me again. (May i insert a wtfudge here.) anyhoo, i quickly turn my bag towards me, hoping to create some gap b/w us. But hoho, this boy is so determined. I felt his hand moving ard my right thigh and i tried to fidget a little. I even glared his hand twice but he didnt budge.
So i turned back around, trying to move away from him but the train was too packed to move much. He faked either a yawm or itchy spot on his head and i immediately predicted an imminent elbow coming up. It was so close to my 2 things! And his elbow was really lifted at a height that was not normal at all, like he did it on purpose! Gahhh
Thank goodness the train stopped at somerset the samr moment i escaped his deadly elbow, and i quickly got off, still shaking from the experience.

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