Monday, June 20, 2011


2sd1 cip!
i have no clue what i was doing

awesome marshals! i swear, every step we took, we scratched our legs. we were there to feed the mosquitos! i smacked 4 consecutively.

those that went!=]]] it wasnt bad at all actually. the only thing that sucks was waking up at 5am
oh that's not all
i had no idea what time the first train comes at sembawang
hoping it would be 530, i reached the station at 540 but had to wait for another 12min before the first train arrives
but other then that, our cip was supposed to end at 1030 but it actually ended around 9. hahha. so we had the rest of the time to walk around and get some balloons and play with helium!=]
i love helium, freaking fun

went for finale dance practice today at ccab
woah that place is like a furnace
damn stuffy and you'll start sweating after 5min
but i guess it went relatively well=]

p.s: not looking forward to sch starting
p.p.s: natalia kills damn hot

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