Tuesday, June 14, 2011

he's still good lookingi was referring to my first crush i ever had. hahahaha
yes, i just stalked him. =]]

anws!!! i haven blogged for awhile and guess what!!!
i've finally joined the iphone club and got myself an iphone 4 white =))))
kay, my mum got it for me luh
my previous phone was seriously dying
the battery swelled up and i cant even close the back of my phone, i had to masking tape it so the battery wont fall out

anws! i've alr taken many photos with my iphone. BAHAHAH. kay, expected but ya you expected it!

with keefey. studied at ssc and bought shades at cotton on after that!=]
went for muse last night =]

met keziah there!
our tourist like shot. haha
with lautner =]
studying with sophy in esplanade library before the concert

and yeah, my camwhoring shot
went out with the crescent clique on sun =]

soup spoon
we caught X-men first class! omflowergosh, it's damn good!!!!
go watch it nowwww
it made me go OHHHHHHH

keefe said he will be less addicted to an iphone if he had one
wtb, so not true for me
not good
i mean, im not exactly addicted to the phone itself, it just made it so much easier to go on fb and twitter now. so yeah, that's bad.

i saw quite a few eye candies today =]]]]]
studied at coffee bean today with my belgian choc ice blended
gosh, it's freaking niceeeeee
of cuz, the pure one, not the one with coffee in it.
i was pretty full from sushi but the taste of it kept me drinking it non stop
but why must it be so ex, if not i'll buy it everyday

i listen to california king bed (Y)

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