Sunday, June 5, 2011


i cant believe it's over. like what jill said, i don think it's ever gonna settle in my head that it's over.
just 2 - 3 months ago, i was in a situation where i might not even be involved in this whole production that meant a whole lot to me
that drove me nuts because bailamos is where magic happens in that sacred place
im more than grateful to be able to take part in this wonderful production

the whole process of learning new steps, practising, choreographing was amazing
all our hard work has paid off
there were much tears of pain the joy throughout the whole journey and i have to really thank all my J2 dancers and the dance instructors for all the fun i had in dance
the special and crazy we had most of the times are unforgettable
sigh!!! cant believe our journey has ended =[[[

some photos taken during full dress rehearsal and during concert=]

my favourite! thanks der for making me look so pretty. heehee
love. the lightings are amazing. thanks to ms wong!
cancan, kellie and gege!

freaking cool
the dance i couldnt be in cuz of my arm. i gave it my all for those 3 days.

my real brother haha
my fake brother
beloved dance instructors, ms wee and mr zaki. they have been so supportive and inspirational. they have taught me so much and really made all of us improve tremendously. im gonna miss them SOOO MUCH. =[[[[[

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