Monday, May 23, 2011

the journey

it's just one more week to theater week
the mid years are really distracting cuz all i want to focus on right now is dance
i cant wait for it to be over so i can just go FULL FORCE for bailamos
i cant wait for it to be here!!
it's gonna be really fun
i don want it to be over either. just 2 more weeks and it's the end of the j2's journey in dance
so freaking fast
im anxious bout many things now
my choreo, the items im in, wardrobing issues, mid years
i had a mini breakdown during prac the other day
i just felt really overwhelmed for that moment but calmed down quickly right after
cant collapse now, and i wont. it's too crucial and this means too much to me
being able to be in this concert was alr a blessing to me. i almost couldnt and that made me REALLY emotional.
need to really cherish every moment!

anws! here's the video of me dancing with one arm with the instructor and pau! haha

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